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About Me
About Me

I currently manage two separate ancient semi-natural woodlands in Kent & undertake contract coppicing operations for several other woodsman/land owners in my area. I also manage several small scale willow beds locally as short rotation coppice & pollards. All of these managed areas contain trees, hedges, streams, ponds & some open ground.

All of the natural materials I use come from these sustainably managed areas of land, sensitive management methods are practiced which benefit wildlife biodiversity & have a positive effect on the landscape. Whilst most of the products are derived from wood, many other plants & soils found within these areas are also put to use such as Straw, Rush, Reed, Bramble, Nettle, Clay etc...

I specialise in making bespoke items tailored to your individual needs rather than ‘off the shelf’ products. I give preference to local people who live in Kent but will supply products further afield if they can not be sourced more locally. Products that travel along way have an increased environmental impact which I believe is unnecessary. My products are therefore not available for export.

If you would like to find a craftsman, coppice worker, artist, product or service in your area, you can try finding them on my links page.

Most of the products I make rely on very simple hand tools & fairly traditional techniques. My personal aim is to have as low an impact on the environment as possible by using more appropriate sustainable technologies where ever possible.

I have also been previously commissioned to make several different works of art & installations for councils, places of interest, private collectors & nature reserves. These have taken many forms & sometimes incorporated sustainable concepts.

I have also developed a range of training courses & workshops for people to learn & exchange skills. Whilst some of these courses are certificated others are tailored to specific people or organisations needs. Many encompass not just practical skills but also conservation & sustainability issues as well as art.

If you can’t find what your looking for or have an enquiry about a product, service or training need please contact me.
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