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Here are some links that you may find useful:

Allotment Forestry

Great nationwide online resource for finding a local craftsman in your area.

Basketmakers Association

National organisation that promotes basketry & chair seating. Also has online search resource to find a local basketmaker or chair seater in your area.

Biomass Energy Centre

National information resource on biomass production & use. Also contains search facilities for suppliers & installers of equipment as well as suppliers of different types fuel.

Blackthorn Gardens

Provides support & medical care for the seriously ill using an anthroposophical approach.

Boxhill Yoga

Excellent Yoga Teacher in Boxhill area in Surrey.

Broomhill Bank School

An excellent school in Rusthall, Kent, for people with learning difficulties. Also provides residential care units, further education oppurtunities & work experience programs for students.


National & regional organisation that promotes conservation volunteering as well as local scheme's such as Tree Wardens, Compost Advisors & Pond Wardens.


UK online Coppice information resource.

Coppice Products

National online search engine to help you find local coppice product suppliers, workers & craftsmen.

Countryside Job Service

National online resource for finding rural employment & training.

Craft Links

UK online craft link resource.

David Sinfield

Excellent bower & fletcher, all forms of traditional & primitive archery or 'spear chucking' technology made to order. Some spoons & turnery items too.

Des Pawson MBE

What this man doesn't know about knots, is not known to man...!!

Eco Enchantments

Web site & blog for faery folk, witches & wizards.


National online free advertising resource for all things environmental.


National resource for finding courses & training within the UK.

Esus Forestry & Woodlands

Forestry contractor & NPTC chainsaw trainer in Kent.

Food From Arcadia

Great local Veg Box scheme in Tenterden area.

Footrope Knots

Museum & knot tying/rope work company in Ipswich.

Forest Knights

A company that runs courses & training in wilderness skills ie: bush craft, archery, conservation & team building etc...in the South East.

Godinton House & Gardens

A great place for a day out with some beautiful gardens & many character veteran tree's.

Gransfors Bruks AB

Excellent hand forged edged tools made in Sweden.

Heritage Crafts Association

A national association that promotes, records & protects our crafts heritage.


A week long sea side festival for home educated children & families. All kinds of activities provided throughout the week.

International Guild of Knot Tyers

An international guild that preserves & promotes knot tying & rope working skills.

Kent Downs AONB

Site contains both landscape & environmental information about the Kent Downs as well as tourism & recreational information.

Medieval Siege Society

A re enactment group that lays siege to castles up & down the country whilst providing a living history experience during the age of chivalry.

Mick Fuller

Traditional Trug Maker in Folkestone, Kent.

Museum of English Rural Life

Free museum in Reading who's collection includes some straw work & basketry items as well as information & numerous pictures of many traditional rural crafts.

National Beanpole Week

A web site dedicated to promoting the National Beanpole Week.

National Farmers Union

A national organisation that provides numerous types of professional services, publications & advice to agricultural workers & businesses.

NFU Countryside

A national professional organisation that actively supports & encourages rural companies & communities in all countryside aspects & concerns.

Paul Goodrick

Environmental artist, also runs courses, training & educational projects.

Peplers In Rye

Blog spot from Mike & Tracy Pepler who own a chestnut coppice in Rye. Read about their day to day experiences & challenges.

Prehistoric Archery & Atlatl Society

PAAS. A national society that promotes ancient artillery technology & techniques from around the world.

Small Woodland Owners Group

A national group for woodland owners & interested people.

Society for the Protection of Traditional Archery

SPTA. A national society that protects & promotes traditional forms & techniques in archery & its associated crafts.

Stoves Online Sustainability

Stovesonline support several stove projects where they are desperately needed. Also has online search engine for installation companies as well as suppliers of many types of fuel.

Sussex & Surrey Coppice Group

Web site & blog spot for regional coppice workers & craftsmen.

Tree Aid

A charity in Bristol that is helping to plant suitable trees in Africa's dry areas whilst providing help & education to its people about been more environmentally resourceful. It aims to alleviate poverty in a sustainable way & make communities more self reliant.

Woodland Antics

Blog spot on greenwood working, coppicing, commons, land rovers & other items of interest from Mark Allery in Sussex.

Woodland Craft Supplies

Mail order company that sells a range of craft tools & books.


Connecting timber growers, cutters, users & woodland owners in the South East.

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